Where is the magnetic sensor?

the magnetic sensor is not working right.
Has anyone an idea where the compass in located in the FP2.
Which modul holds it? Can I change it?

In the iFixit teardown, step 13, the yellow box.

The core module.

The core module is not sold directly by Fairphone, though some 3rd party vendors do sell it. It is expensive.

Have you tried calibration? There’s videos online (this one for example) that show an effective movement to do this.


Yes you can but you need to solder it. I thinks it BGA. If you want to replace it make sure that you put it in the right direction and it would be a good idea to put a shield over the other components, especialy the battary connector, so they don’t get heated up.

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Thank you for the help.

I have tried the calibration a few times. The direction often wobbles around. If I want to calibrate in Sky Map, it says: not available.

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