Where is the contacts database?

I’m attempting to grab a copy of my contacts database from the fairphone as I’ve some weird stuff in there which I want to try and understand for an app I’m building, but I can’t find it!

Based on this page: Where is the data for "Contacts Storage" located? - Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange stock android has it in /data/data/android.providers.contacts/databases but I can’t find anything similar while browsing around.

Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks!

It should be in /data/data/com.android.providers.contacts/databases

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It should be, but I can’t find that data subdirectory. Could it be some
sort of permissions issue? I’m using OI file manager to look around.

I am using Open Explorer Beta from F-Droid. You will need any root file explorer.

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Ah ha! OI wasn’t asking for the permissions. I can see the file now, but I’m struggling to get a copy. Locked down permissions again I presume.

Managed to get a hold of the db using ES File Explorer.


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Hey guys,
is there any way of accesing the contacts data file from a computer?
I dropper my FP and now I can barely operate the upper part of the screen.
Somehow I managed to get the phone attached and visible on my computer, but now i’d desperately need to make a backup of my data. photos are fine, but I want my calendar (acalendar) and contact data and need to back it up without being able to operate the phone itself…
can you help?

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Look at this:

Sorry, can’t get MyPhoneExplorer to work. Downloaded it, switched off all firewalls etc. but MyPhone Explorer cannot find the phone on the USB (both mass storage and otherwise). It cannot find the phone on my WiFi either. What do I do wrong?

Just found the reason for not getting MyPhoneExplorer to work. MyPhoneExplorer is not freeware but adware. The “shareware” version is regular licensed software. It does not come with a trial period as other professional commercial software, or with a refund policy.

Summary: do NOT install, not trustworthy

Maybe @mgkoeln can shed some light on this. I do not use MyPhoneExplorer myself (syncing through OwnCloud), so I can’t give further assistance.

If you are familiar with Android Debug Bridge (ADB), you could use it to pull the calendar and contacts files from the phone to the PC. This procedure would need to have USB debugging turned on in developer settings.

Stefan, thanks for the reply. See my further comments added to the original question; do not install it

Ok, did not know that, thanks for pointing it out. I will not suggest using MyPhoneExplorer anymore.

If you don’t want to use ADB, can you try this tutorial I wrote some time ago. Since your phone’s upper part is not working as it should, you might have to apply the steps in a slightly different way.

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