Where is my money?

Hello my dears,
I ordered a fairphone 2 in winter and PAID. The delivery date was often postponed and so I canceled the FP2. As by a coincidence, the mobile phone had already been sent. I clarified with the fairphone team that I can send it back and get my money back. I’ve been sending it back a long time, but nothing has happened since. Nobody responds to my mails or transfers my money back to me.
I’ll probably have to look for an answer, do not I?
Has anyone ever had something similar?
I am thankful for every answer:)
Greetings Cachc!

Have you tried calling them by phone? +31 (0)20-788 4400

They should be able to sort this out quickly for you


Hey @Cachc , thank you for reaching out.

First of all; the money has been refunded, but normally it takes a few days to show up on your account.

Secondly, to tell you a little bit about our process and to inform others who end up in the same situation, this is what happens in a case like yours:

We received your request on August 4 which was approved the following day: the 5th of August. Then the customer has to send us the phone. If they are fast, it normally is within 2 days. So let’s say in your case on the 7th. Then it normally takes 3 to 4 days to arrive and another day to be processed. We are now at the 11th of august.

Then it is weekend and nothing happens and when Monday arrives (now 14 august) our support team works their way from back to forth through the tickets that came in during the weekend. Probably they came to your case on either the 15th or 16th of august and then set an order for your money to be returned.

The money would need 1 or 2 days to show up on your account; which means 17 or 18 of august.

I hope this clarifies a little our return process and I hope that indeed your money is back in your account one of these days.



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