Where is Amaze now?

I’m trying to install an MP3 ringtone on my Fairphone 2, and don’t now see (since the Android 6.0.1 upgrade) the Amaze app anymore? I can’t find the way to install a downloaded ringtone anyway, so any halp appreciated!

You should be able to install Amaze from either the G00gle Play Store or – much better – the free and open app store F-Droid.


Thank you for your help, Urs. I have re-installed the Amaze app, but the ringtones folder which Amaze finds is empty. I’m not sure how to populate that folder with the exisiting ringtones, or my my ‘new’ one.

I neglected to add: replies in German / Dutch / French etc. all welcome.

I added the four flags :uk:, :de:, :netherlands:, :fr: to the topic title and the tags.

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