Where has disabled app gone?

I’m trying to get my contacts to sync with the Outlook app. This does not work - but that will be a separate topic in this forum :-/
Microsoft suggested to disable the app, so I moved the app to “App settings” (not sure about the English name, but upper left corner when picking up an icon).
In the resulting screen, I selected ‘disable’ (again, not sure about the English). Now I want to enable it again, but I cannot find the Contacts app icon anymore? Where has it gone? How can I turn it ‘on’ again?

Help appreciated!

(BTW, did I mention I’m an absolute Android-beginner?)

Go to Settings > Apps and scroll to the left until the last screen. There you’ll see all disabled Apps and you can tap them to get to the screen where you can enable them again.

Cool. Thanks!

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