Where do I buy a charger - besides at fairphone-website?


A few weeks ago I ordered a fairphone. However… I didn’t order the charger yet, because I first wanted to check whether I did or did not have one at home… Since I discovered that I don’t have one at home, I need one!

Fairphone website says that when I order the charger, it will arrive between 1 - 4 months! But, I expect to arrive the fairphone within 1 month… So I want to buy the charger somewhere else!

No normal shop sells a mico USB charger, type B. Only ‘shabby’ webshops… However I don’t know whether I can trust them…

Who helps me out; where (preferably in Holland) do I buy a decent charger?



If you have an usbcable as you can see below, you simply can charge your phone through the computer.

Shabby webshops eh? :wink:

And I’m pretty sure they’ll have them at Dixons, Media Markt, BCC or smaller shops like Handyman (see handyman.nl) as well.

As Jerry already wrote: Dixons, MediaMarkt, Conrad and other large chains will definitely have what you need. There are 3rd party accessories of fully acceptable quality, e.g. from Belkin and Hama, if you hesitate to get something unbranded and cheap from China through ebay.

Pretty sure you can find them everywhere.

The AC adapter to connect to your wall plug may be a bit more complicated to find, but who doesn’t have access to a usb plug nowadays? :stuck_out_tongue:

I use my Kobo (eReader) usb cable.

Hello Sanne,

the charger is nothing very special. The Fairphone becomes charges via an “micro USB” port, just don’t mix up with mini USB.

It is your choice to buy a mico USB charger or a universal USB Charger with a seperate Micro USB Cable. The last option will allow you to use the Cable to connect your phone with your Computer. This might be helpful if you like to copy Music to your phone or copy your Photos from your Fairphone to your Computer.

You can buy this components at every electronic Store. Here in germany the big electronic stores are extreme expencive with things like chargers and cables (20€ for a cable that you can find in other stores for 5€). I do not know the situation in other countrys but it might be helpful to visit the small Computer Shop at the corner or look in Huge supermarkets with an electronic section at the store.
All in all you can get a charger + cable for less then 10€ I suspect there is not “fair” charger with would be worth to pay more.


And remember, if you have the FP’s rubber (plastic) case on your phone you should try to find a USB cable with a ‘slim’ micro USB contact, otherwise it won’t go into the small opening in the case! The one on Lidwien’s pic above will probably not fit. However, If the contact is too big it can easily be trimmed with a sharp hobby knife.

thanks lidwien! however, I am looking for a charger directly from the electricity point to the phone! But thanks anyways!

Thanks Jerry… I also checked bol.com, media markt, dixons etc. However… I wasn’t able to find it! I guess I used the wrong keywords; because this is exactly what I am looking for! Thanks!

@ all responders… thanks for your answers! Thanks to you I now know where to find the charger in time!

Yay! Enjoy your FairPhone :slight_smile: