Where do I activate notifications?


I just got my Fairphone two days ago and I just can’t find the place for Notifications. I have read through the forum and one thread mentions “settings > notifications”. But… I do not have it. Is it something I must install? But, I have found the “Lock screen notifications”. Is that it?

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I hope I understand your question.
Notifications are made by the phone itself.
To select the ringtone for notifications, 'settings > Audio Profiles > tap on the far right icon after the word General.

If you want to make a note, you can use the app ‘NoteBook’ (already installed).
If you want to make a note and get a warning for this note, you use ‘agenda’ or ‘alarm’.

Sorry if this was not your question, please try again.

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Thank you Lidwien! Maybe it is the switch from iOS (iPhone) to Android that is my problem :slight_smile: The thing is that I don’t really understand how to keep track of notifications from for example Messenger (FB) or Twitter. On my iPhone I could choose which apps I wanted notifications from and when I turned on my phone they were on the start screen. Kind of miss that and cannot find the Android/Fairphone-system of doing the same.

How do you do to keep track of messages and replys that are not “SMS”?

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I don’t know unfortunately. I don’t use FB or Twitter on my phone.
The only thing I could think of is check the settings within the FB or Twitter.
I hope so somebody else will have the answer.

The Facebook and Twitter apps generate notifiications by default. An icon will appear in the left top corner when an app has generated a new notificaion.

Swipe down from the top of the screen to pull down the notification area. Notifications are listed here. Tap them to open the related app or swipe them away to the side to dismiss them.

Hi Lidwien

I had to perform a hard reset to my FP and made a backup first. Do You know if and where the notifications are saved?

Best, Jan

Notifications aren’t saved as such.
In Android, notifications are just that, little messages that appear in the notification area to notify you that something has happened or requires your attention. For instance, the Facebook app might add a notifcation about a new message that has appeared on your wall or your mail app might add a notification to inform you that it has received a new email message.

If you tap or swipe away a notification, then the notification is gone. It doesn’t remove the email message or whatever, it’s just that the notification is gone.

I meant the notifications from the NoteBook App… aren’t they saved somewhere?

Oh, those are “notes” (aantekeningen in Dutch, I assume you’re Dutch), not notifications. I don’t know where they are saved to be honest.