Where can I save pictures, other than in Google Photos?

Hey there,

My question is basically where and how can I save my pictures, other than in Google Photos?
I have a Fairphone 4 and all my pictures get automatically put into my Google Photos, but because of that my storage is quite often full.
Does anyone know if there is another way to store my pictures? I can’t find anything in the settings ore is there an App that can substitute the usual App to store pictures?

Thankful for any advice you have (:

There are almost too many ways to do it…

You can choose to pay for Google storage. That way, you can keep using Google Photos which is one of the best services available.

Or find another cloud service, which then comes with its own app. But you’ll probably still need to pay to get a useful amount of space.

You can just disable to automatic storage, and transfer the photos manually to your computer once in a while. Or maybe use an SD-card. But you have risk losing photos if you drop your phone before you have copied the pictures.

What I personally do, is that I have a small Synology server. It comes with Synology Photos, an app that tries to be as good as Google Photos. That way, my photos are stored on my own hardware, and there is no subscription to pay. But buying a server is not free…

Edit: maybe you already have a cloud subscription from e.g. Microsoft or Dropbox. In that case, it’s worth checking whether they have a photo backup app


Just a general clarification: Pictures are not stored in the Gallery App (Google Photos) this is only used to view them. So you can use any Gallery App available in the App store or even none.


You can disable saving to google photos: Back up photos & videos - Android - Google Photos Help

For alternatives, google is the only free one, there are some paid ones like ente, nextcloud, photoprism, etc. you can take a look at. I personally use ente but there is a bit of getting used to.

If you want to free up google space, first make sure to grab a backup of your photos with https://takeout.google.com/settings/takeout/custom/photos, as there is a chance that some of them are only in the cloud. (Ente supports importing them with the desktop app, the others probably have tools like that as well)

There is no easy way to delete existing photos, so you would have to manually select them in the google photos web app and delete them (as long as sync is off, they will still be on your phone)

Nope, there is Mega Cloud e.g.

However as said above, storage is minimal for all free solutions.

Oh, I didn’t know they had that. Good to know!

Thank´s, I´m going to try that (:

I use a self hosted instance of Seafile. It is possible to use Seafile as default image storage via App.