Where can I fondle (try) a Fairphone 2?

Sounds like a silly question maybe, but every phone “feels” different and Fairphone - attractive as it sounds -is no exception. Buying sight-unseen is not sensible, so before committing significant Euros to a purchase, I’d at least like the opportunity to see (and feel) one in action. Is this possible in Amsterdam?

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I’m sure you would be allowed some first hand experience in FP’s headquarters in Amsterdam if you contact them in advance.

However, they probably will not be able to sell you one in person – it will still be “first order, first serve” (online buying only and waiting in the virtual line just like others).

Oh yeah, it’s not to jump the queue, it’s only for the purposes of seeing one of these things up close & determining how it appears to perform, what it feels like in the hand, appearance of the display, and so on…

Why not in Paris in December ?

We’re launching the Fairphone 2 for the first time in Paris! Come [join us at Le Centre Commerical][1], our new reseller partner, for a hands-on demonstration of our new device and a drink with our team.

December 9th!
[1]: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/le-fairphone-2-arrive-en-france-tickets-19705949024?utm_campaign=cc7b173be9-25_Nov_2015_Late_Nov_Community&utm_term=0_fc950fe855-cc7b173be9-85882521&utm_source=Fairphone&utm_medium=email&mc_eid=845c0d110d&mc_cid=cc7b173be9


Hi @Silvain_Fairphone, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile: You might want to introduce yourself here: :wink:

Done! Welcome! Introduce yourself here!


Thanks sylvain for the hint about Paris , i will be there :smile: