Where can I find the latest sources corresponding to Fairphone Open 17.09?

Hello community and Fairphone Devs,

One of the main reasons I bought a FP2 is because Fairphone is one of the few vendors to support and maintain an own Open Source Android OS. So I am quite disappointed that it is not as easy to build from source than I imagined.

When I follow the official build instructions, I can see no tags for the 17.09 release, only “fp2-sibon-”.

Also, the latest commit on the Kernels fp2-sibon Branch seems to be from March, but I think at least for fixing the BlueBorne issue there has to be newer changes?

I am also confused because the build instructions only mention the “fp2-sibon” branch, but in the Git repos I can see a branch named “fp2-m-sibon”, which has some newer changes. What is it for?

Fairphone Devs, please always publish the Fairphone Open OS source code simultaneously with the builds! Thanks :slight_smile:



This happens to be a user-forum, that is not maintained by Fairphone.
Therefore the best way to get first-hand information is to contact Fairphone support right away:
Here’s the page with the number
But maybe some developer of FP-Open in this forum already has the information you desire.

Thanks for the hint @BertG. I was hoping though that Fairphone Devs are also reading this forum, after all they are users, too. Or at least I do hope so :smiley:

Anyhow, if I do not get an answer here, I will instead try the channel you suggested.

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Good question. I would like to know that as well and I can imagine others do too. Maybe @rick or @Douwe can help us out or nudge the right persons an Fairphone HQ? :wink:


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