Where can I find 3d hubs?

I would like to buy a new case for my FP1. Is there anywhere on the website where I can see the hubs that print the cases, without having to buy one? I don’t want to buy a case unless I can pick it up myself.

You can see the nearest hubs when you go to https://www.3dhubs.com/3dprint and look under 3. Click on the hub’s name and then “View hub” at the top left. Maybe you have to contact the hub when you can’t find the address.

Thanks, I checked the list and there were lots of 3d hubs in my city. However, when I ordered the phone case, only one of them appeared on the list, and it was too far from me so I need to get it shipped, even though I wanted to avoid this. Annoying.

I think you can buy just the 3d file and take it to your preferred 3d hub and they will print it anyway. I’ve never done this, but it should be possible shouldn’t it?

I guess so. The problem is that it’s not until you already have ordered via 3dhub website that you discover the lack of 3d hubs there.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see the result :slight_smile:

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Great. Now, the only available 3d hub in my country has declined my request since he/she “only wants big projects”. I think this is really really confusing. Can I download the file and bring it to another 3d printer? Or what do I do now?

You should contact Fairphone support and tell them about this mess!

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