Where can I/can I buy your used FairPhone 1 or 2?

Hi, I’m new and I don’t have a fair phone. unfortunately for me right now the FP3 is not in my budget range. I have been trying to find a used FP1 or 2 online I can buy, but I can’t find them anywhere. It’s hard enough living in Australia where FP don’t seem to ship directly to. So I am asking you the FP community if any of you have an FP 1 or 2 you would sell for about $150 AUD/$91.59 Euro?
A new comer to the FP4Life ways,

Have a look at the Sell category of this forum - there’s a couple FP2s for sale there right now. If there’s nothing of your liking to be found there, just keep an eye on that section as new offers pop up several times a week. Of course you’ll have to ask the sellers about shipping to Australia.

Keep in mind all the while that for support and spare parts you’ll be entirely reliant on your fellow users, as FP will not ship anything to Australia. And while there will likely always be helpful people on this forum that are happy to order a new part and then ship it on to you, this is very difficult if not impossible with batteries as there are lots of restrictions on shipping lithium cells.


You might also want to get in touch with other Fairphoners on your continent:

And just a recommendation: If someone offers you an FP1 for $150 AUD, s/he would really rip you off. The FP1 is really outdated and cannot meet the demands of an average user anymore, so I strongly recommend you go for an FP2 instead.


I agree with @urs_lesse here.
A FP1 running on Android 4 will not be good enough for quite a few apps you might want to run.

On the other hand, I really would ask you to check this forum for the FP2 and it’s performance.
While there are a lot of satisfied users and a lot of very good and reliable FP2s out there.
The FP2 with it’s modularity had some design flaws, that for more than just a few users resulted in troubles. You might want to read this techcrunch article with an interview with Bas van Abel on the FP3 Can Fairphone 3 scale ethical consumer electronics?.

“You don’t need the phone to be so super smooth in taking apart to be able to repair it,” he says. “Fairphone 2 goes beyond the idea of repairability. It’s more a show off phone in that sense. And that also comes with risks.”

As you don’t know for sure what you get, when you buy a used phone, you for sure will be having no warranty and problems to get hold of spare parts.
While I myself am satisfied with my FP2, I just want to make you aware of the risks you take, especially when you only have a limited budget.
And it would be a pity, if you should loose faith in Fairphone because someoney might betray you with a faulty FP.
(Even more so, since there is a chance, that Fairphone might offer a phone for at least the american market next year. Just my wild guessing of course; no inside knowledge or hard facts.)


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