Where can I buy a fairphone 4

I live in America I can’t buy a fairphone 4 from fairphone I was told to buy from a reseller so what is a reputable reseller any recommendations?

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You probably want to check for further reference in the Forum


And just recent reference from Australia for Vireo


There is a list of vendors, note caveat under the UK list. I called clove and they were not optimistic so I suggest you email them if you want an update.

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While buying from a reseller would get you the device, just be aware that you will not get any warranty-related help from Fairphone either.

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I imagine the reseller will provide the 2 year warranty and act as an intermediary but you won’t get the extra (up to three years) from Fairphone which only happens to registered phones. So unless the reseller registers if for you then two years maybe.

UPDATE: I have just spoken to [clove] they say they will provide the 5 year warranty not the 2 years. Further they said there was no reason this would not extend to Canada and the USA.

So it make sense to visit their site and email them etc.

All the best


You may also be interested in customer reviews of the FP3 in from South Africa, Canada, Australia.

Just spoke to clove again and they say they will not ship batteries alone. So if a battery dies you have to send the whole phone or make other arrangements.


Were you able to finally place an order?
Clove.co.uk will ship to US, but there may be import/customs duties that get added in the US.
I went with Kickmobiles through Ebay (though you can order from their website) because Ebay has a return policy if anything goes wrong, and they promised it would be delivered within 3 days. They shipped it from London this past Monday and it arrived the next day. It cost more through Kickmobiles, but I knew what the total price would be.
Good luck!

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Ya I looked on ebay first and there wasn’t anything in stock but I checked again just now and got one

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The batteries are usually the issue. When buying moto mod battery packs I had things get as far as the ebay global shipping centre only to have the order refused an export and refunded.

Amazon on the other hand were fine to ship batteries.

Good to know will keep that in mind if it falls through

Since this topic is solved.
Thanks to everyone for the information. I got many things to learn about the phone, reseller, warranty, and many more.
but in my mind, I have one more question does the reseller or any online stores who are selling the phone provides a return policy or refund policy.

Maybe you didn’t read the above. See post 5 above clove in this topic :slight_smile:

Update the more I used it the more problems I started having it barely works I had to switch back to my Samsung crap I wanted to sell

Seems very off topic maybe another topic would suit better or start a new one and explain your problem maybe ??

Its the OP providing an update to the initial topic and even if EN is not my mother tongue “had” indicates past which would mean already over, so just a statement, no question or anything for discussion

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