Where are my Pictures in Google Photos App?

I hope you can help me:
On my wifes FP2 Google Photos app are all pictures disapeared.
They are still on the phone, but the app didn’t show them anymore.
Playing with the settings didn’t change anything.
Any ideas?


The issue can have different causes.

  1. Reboot the phone and see if it helped.

  2. Start a file manager and look for a file .nomedia in her picture folder. If it exists delete it. Reboot.

  3. Btw. What about music files? Do they show up in the media player vor are they hidden too? Try to delete the data oft the service “media storage”. Reboot and wait, the rebuild of the media database takes some time, especially if there a tons of files to be indexed.

Good luck!

Thanks a lot, point 3. solved my problem!
(without reboot - and this solution was much easier than other I found by googling… no idea why I didn’t find this solution by googling… maybe my search terms were too bad… anyway - thank you!)


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