Where are fairphone values?

Actually, I experimente troubles with my fairphone almost since the begining . The teal even work on the software on October 2016. I came back to fairphone team to complain of strange issues again and again. Apparently not enough, as I only received not appropriate recommandations, in which I always waste time and energy and patience, and remained without solution so far, but I should had shouted more. Because now I’m told that I just have to pay more than 200 euros and that I’m not under guaranty.

I apreciate the link and options detailed, but you will accept that, again, despite the price, you let me to find myself detailed options in forum, like “we are not here for you anymore” etc…

Taking into account that I’m suffering of these issues since a while now, let’s say years, it is really painful… I had to change the Bottom Module like 3 times, which means that I had 4 items, never really functionning (and yes, I ask others to used it, that is not my ears !). And the last one, I’m told that I’m not anymore under guaranty. Really ? The last one that they sent me was recent, still under the garanty ! But they count the garanty from the previous one, not the last one that they sent !!! ! Since when it is not taking into consideration the last product, but the previous one ? I’ve seen this no where really.

And case cost 38 euros, and I had already to change it 4 times. I don(t see anyone changes so often their own ones…
I bought that product based on the principles and values, which was faireness and not obsolescence. It is quite an investment, but it was ok because I love the alternative and I’m sensible to Fairphone project. I did a lot of propaganda, as I’m working with NGOs and have open-mind friends. But since months I just stop doing it, and even complained. Well, people can see, as they phone to me or see me dealing with a message.

Actually, I’m even considere seriously to buy a basic androide from another brand, sadly. Sadly, but which will be not only super cheap, it will work years without issue, and will take good pictures that I can exploite later. Because this is as well a limit of Fairphone 2 : the pic are only good on his screen, that’s all. Forget any other use… Which I accept so far, but I’m really getting up-set that it is never mentioned in the caracteristic. I accepted as well to work on every single recommandations done, despite the fact that I’m not a geek, because I accept and valorise the value behind.

Now, I wanted to return a slim case totally new, still with the plastic, because my Fairphone is definitly dead. But as it is more than 14 days, we recommand me to sell it or to recycle ! Recycle ? Did I heard properly ? Isn’t exactly what we try to avoid, wasting material ? And I’m supposed to put it in a bean even if it is totally new, but really totally New ???

I apreciate the people kindness within Fairphone team, but I challenge the values and the buissness principles nowdays. Did they lost them? Changed them without notice ? It will be very good to know, because when I decide to invest in Fairphone, this is definitly not to deal with so many insatisfactions, neither to have challenging use most of the time with unreliable device.

And when I shared my concerns, given a chance for them to move forward and see the strange commercial attitude, to rectify the error, nothing change, no answer after sending the feedback requested by Fairphone…

Sorry, I think you should know. Nothing personal to the staff team who has been supporting me, but a corporate attitude and buissness roles that I really do not understand, which are not matching with the brand and expectation from a users of Fairphone, and would like to heard that I’m mistaken… or that they are taking these inconsitances into account in the future…

I hope the future will work on commercial rules and initial values…
Good luck. Your project was nice… I trusted it…

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First of all, I really feel for you, but that - what you say you have not seen anywhere before - is simply the law and every other company will (most likely) act the same way if this happens. Of course, this should not happen.

You changed your case/cover 4 times? What did you do to it? Or do you mean the bottom module? That module in deed seems to have had problems more often than usual, but as I understood it, not all modules were affected. Seems you really have had some tough luck here.

Some general remarks to your questioning the ethics and values of Fairphone:
They are a company; and they are a small one by any means and especially regarding phone-manufacturers.
Next to all the values they have to take care staying in business. And that does not work, if they do whatever customers considers it to be fair. E.g. taking back products they sold after the return period of 14 days.
Understandably you take your point of view, but please try to see it from the companies point of view as well.
And please take into consideration as well, that Fairphone is not just about the easygoing (i.e. fairness) of the customers in the developed european countries. It is at the same time - I guess it even started that way - about the social responsibility that comes with producing gadgets like smartphones. Therefore buying another phone because Fairphone was unfair to me as a customer, means closing the eyes on all the social issues in Africa and Asia regarding mining, work conditions etc.

To cut it short:
The project is nice and can still be trusted.


Hi Bert

Thank you for answering.

I probably would have written the same thing if I was not in the experience, deeply, for years.
So, with regard to the 4, this is regarding the case AND the bottom module, sorry for the confusion.
I did not do anything specific to the case. The new model is much better, because you know that the first used to become too flexible or just brittle at the same time, so no option, it wasn’t doing its job anymore after few months.
And regarding the bottom module, I could even change it more often, if I wasn’t travelling, creating more complex logisitic issues. And actually, one of my friend to whom I sell the fairphone concept, experiment the same issue.

I won’t enter in a battle of word and concept, but please, read me carefully : counting the garantee since the second bottom module and not the third one sent to replace the deficient second one is not a common practice. Sorry if I wasn’t clear enough on that regard.
On the same preocupation of clarity, the product to be considered for sending back is totally new, and this is always easy to check, even to ask client to send it back and pay back if ok. That is not a big job (it is some time consuming, allright), and would respect the non waste of material in a smart way. Which is what is done now in a lot of companies.

Indeed I want Fairphone to succeed, otherwise, I won’t waste time to write all this. I did write directly to Fairphone, but without any action taken or feedback. And I strongly believe that this is not details, and that is not following fair porcedure.

I never had a smartphone prior to Fairphone because I care of all the social issue. This is why I cope with years of deficient fairphone. Now, sorry for that, I spend a lot of time and money on it, and I need to rely on my phone. I can’t just feel guilty anymore and not having the feeling that I’m respected and can rely on my phone. I did my part. I promote it at the beguining, and I spent large money and patience on it. I asked for solution and understanding. Now that is the turn of others. Let’s see how is it in some years. I lost confidence, but believe in the idea. Good luck.


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