Where are DNS and static IP settings for WiFi?

I am using fp2-sibon-17.11.2 release.

I remember there used to be some advanced options to manually set the DNS server in case there’s a problem with the WiFi network, and even a static IP address in case the WiFi doesn’t do DHCP (properly).

Now the “Modify network” window of the selected WiFi network entry has, under its “Advanced options” dropdown, just the option of selecting a proxy configuration… but even there I can’t seem to specify the proxy address or anything.

There is also an “Advanced” menu entry in the WiFi settings which allow to set other things like frequency band, certificates, Wi-Fi direct, WPS settings etc, but no settings for IP address, DNS server or proxy.

If I choose in Settings, Wifi,
tap on the three dots on the right
Add network
with Security on WEP or on WPA/WPA2 PSK
I have the possibility to set the DNS server if I choose for Advanced options.

Great, thanks. So I have to first “forget” an existing WiFi network in order to set those options. I don’t find this intuitive, but it is definitely workable.

Yes, that’s right. But you are right it is no intuitive.

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