When will the FP3 Bottom Module be back in Stock - missed another time (back in stock per 07-10-2023)

I need a new bottom module for my FP3 and it’s available nowhere!
Will it be in stock anytime soon?
Unfortunately my (statistically invalid) personal experience has been that the exchange for broken parts of my FP3 more often than not haven‘t been in stock when I needed them.
It feels pretty disappointing when repairability is just a marketing signal but not a real experience. Why is Fairphone failing so badly exactly at their USP?

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As this is a user forum, you are texting other users not Fairphone.

You may get an indication if you email support@fairphone.com

https://circleshop.ch/fp3-bottom-modul-19082805“Im Lager Verfügbar”

https://circleshop.ch/versand“Wohnst Du in einem anderen Land, möchtest aber trotzdem etwas aus unserem Sortiment bestellen? Dann kontaktiere uns, wir finden bestimmt eine Lösung!”

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Does anyone know more?
Currently it is still not available.


Hmm. This is a very unfortunate situation, a major selling point of FP is the repairability, but this hinges on easy avaibility of parts.
I had a ‘patient’ today with a broken bottom module (phone is OK with my bottom module, battery charges in my phone) but when I wanted to point him to the shop to buy a new bottom module, they appear out of stock.


Same here. It’s been 3 months that the charging of my FP3 hasn’t worked, I changed the battery in July but this lack of stock is becoming painful. Fortunately we are patient. The only point of the phone was to be able to repair it “easily”!!!

Waiting for good news…


Does anyone know if new USB ports are still available anywhere for FP3?
They’re out of stock on the website. Think they’ll come back?


and yet another day without my Fairephone because the bottom module is not back in Stock on the online store. Hope this post will be soon closed :slight_smile: who knows…

I am very sorry to hear that. Have you considered using external battery chargers, discussed also in this forum?
eg. External universal chargers for Fairphone batteries

Don’t get me wrong, the issues with modules not in stock are unacceptable but perhaps this is a way around?


Thanks for this idea @Meaghan . However, I hope to be able to buy the module one day to repair the phone.

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@Marta_Artigas: Any news on when the FP3 Bottom Module might be in stock again?

(Fairphone 3 Bottom Module - Modular design | Fairphone)


Heyyy! according to our most up to date info, around mid September

But you can get your FP3 fixed in our repair center right away! So no need to wait for the module to be back in stock :slight_smile: Contact Customer Support for that option ( https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/)


Which requires a factory reset (data loss) and sending it in to France I guess and first contacting support to send a shipping label etc?


What @yvmuell says. The sheer convenience of being able to fix our own phone (or for Angels, their patients’ phones) should not be overlooked. In fact, it’s Fairphone’s main draw for me (no doubt I’m happy about the fairtrade and carbon footprint and long support, but the repairability!) Of course this hinges on actual availability of parts - I know you’re working on it, but this should be taken as a lesson learned for the future.


Yeah, I totally get that… I’m sure it’s quite annoying having to send your device and lose all the data. We cannot really do anything cause it’s due to EU data privacy regulations :confused: But we really are doing our best to get Fairphone 3 bottom modules back in stock as soon as possible. Hope it’s available soon so you can easily repair it at home - as it should be!


Mid September is now right? Its already the 12th… so is it a matter of days?

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Mid is vague, could as well be September 29.
And there was no year given :wink: .


is there any specific date ?
i mean i have a fp3 here that charges whenever it agrees to (can stop in the middle of it). checked the plug, it’s clean. cannot take appart the module itself because it’s a screwdriver i don’t have.
It’s a shame, first phone that i have who is broken after less than 3 years.