When will fairphone be available WorldWide

I’m new to Fairphone world… Just got to know Fairphone isn’t globally available… Are there any future hopes to make it available worldwide?


It is already available worldwide, just not through Fairphone’s own webshop. You can however buy it from e.g. vireo or avocadostore which both have international shipping options. Keep in mind though that all Fairphones are optimised to work with european mobile networks, so 4G maybe won’t work where you live. You can check that on sites like willmyphonework.net (unfortunately they don’t have the FP3 on their list atm).

Apart from that I don’t know of any concrete plans from FP to officially expand their business area. However, keep in mind that this is a community forum. If you want answers from FP directly, you can #contactsupport :slight_smile:


Please note that if you cannot use the warranty of Fairphone itself (which you also have if you buy your phone from a third-party reseller like Vireo) if you live outside of Europe. Fairphone do only pick up from and send phones to addresses in countries where they sell the phones itself.

But the third-party reseller where you bought your phone is obliged by law to also handle warranty claims.

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In fact, there are no plans, that have become public (at least I didn’t notice).
But in an interview with the magazine techcrunch Bas van Abel has touched this topic:

When — or even whether — there will be a Fairphone 4 is a question he isn’t keen to engage with. Clearly the hope is Fairphone 3 packs enough smartphone punch to go the distance. Though he hints it might look to offer additional smartphones in order to enter the US, a major market it’s so far not addressed at all.

And I guess, one can not exactly say, that FP is available worldwide, when the phone can be shipped internationally, but technically is not supporting all countries.
Warranty is just one point to take into consideration. You in fact can claim it with the vendor -; though you have to pay shipping and be really patient, if you send the phone around half the world.
Another - maybe even more relevant - point is coming by spare batteries. You can order all other spare parts as well; but batteries will be a problem. Since they are considered dangerous goods, there are shipping restrictions/requirements. As a result resellers do not ship solitary LiIon-batteries worldwide.
I haven’t checked all resellers, so someone might try to do so. Please post any positive results here in this forum. I.e. in the wiki on FP3 resellers

And if remember correctly from a thread of Canadian Fairphoners, shopping and shipping internationally with Clove.co.uk comes cheaper.

(By the way: avocadostore is just a marketplace. Buying there in fact is buying with vireo.)


I live in New Zealand and bought mine on e-bay. I had no problem replacing the Google Android with /e/ operating system and I’m delighted with my Fairphone, and recommending it to all Google haters.


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