When recording videos, notifications/calls are not muted

I have to enable Do Not Disturb mode myself before starting a recording. Otherwise there might be a notification while recording which would create a loud noise in the recording. Back in December the phone automatically went into vibration mode when starting a recording. Which silences sounds, but the vibration motor still interrupts the recording. With recent updates this auto-vibration mode is gone and nothing is done to prevent sounds from the phone itself.

My proposal to support was to automatically enable DND (Do Not Distrub). Why DND? Because that gives the user control over which notification may be passed through and under which conditions. Simply putting the phone on silent would do the trick too, but if someone important to me calls, I prioritize that call over a long video recording. This can be fine-tuned in DND to someones liking. Either silence all calls/notifications, or just let through calendar reminders, specific contacts or repeating callers, etc.

This topic is to keep a record of the communication with support :slight_smile:

Workaround is to enable DND yourself before recording. Hopefully this will be automatic in the near future.

There is a DND icon on the pull down menu, that is a quick option. As far as being auto then someone may miss an important call.

However it could be DND by default and the icon can be used to pick up notifications.

The beauty of DND is that you can fully customize it how you want it to behave. You can allow starred callers to always let through. Or people that call twice within 15 minutes. Or simply everyone that calls you. That’s why DND is a logical choice to make video recordings distraction free without vibrations and sounds, which really ruin video recordings. But it has to be automatic, this shouldn’t be something people have to think of before starting to record. These moments are often spontaneous and need to be done quick.

The Google Pixel camera also does this. And it works really well.

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