When are the new camera modules going to be available again?


Does anyone know a ETA on when the next batch of camera upgrades will be available?

Just sign up to the alert in the shop and you’ll be the first to know.


Just to say: Seemingly you can’t rely on that too heavily.
I signed up to be notified when displays are in stock.
Since then judging by forum posts they were in stock a short while ago, then not, now they are in stock again.
I got no notification until now.


I have the same impression. I asked to be notified a month ago, but never received notification. I checked again this morning, and was abel to order it. Unfortuntately I made an error and needed to cancel it in order to correct my error, but when I tried to order again, the displays were not available anymore…


Can only confirm the concerns of others here – from my own experience and despite subscribing, “back in stock” notifications seem to reach me virtually never. I cannot recall how such a notice would look like even though I signed up for those again and again.

EDIT: I found (the?) one I got, dating back from May 2016.


I think by the time I’ve been able to buy the modules the fair phone 8 will be out.

I signed up ages ago… clearly somethings not right haha

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