When a work profile is added, searching for apps is wierd

After a work profile has been added. A bar at the top of the app drawer appears where you can select searching in either work-apps or regular.
When you search for an app, if you select an option on the first row of results to the right of the screen the drawer will change to work apps instead of launching the app you just touched.
If however you touch just the bottom part of the app icon the app launches just fine.
It’s like the bar for selecting work or regular apps is still there behind the search results but invisible and still receiving the touch events instead of the search results pane. Any one else have this issue?


If you intended this as a bug report to Fairphone, then please note that this is a community/user forum and not the place where Fairphone employees will systematically look for reports. Please contactsupport instead to make them aware of your issue.

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