Whatsapp won't send or receive media

I’m running Android 10 (which is what it shipped with) on a Fairphone 3+.
Ever since I got it, I haven’t been able to get whatsapp to send or receive photos, videos or voice notes. If someone sends me a picture, I can see the blurred out version of it but when I click it just says ‘The download was unable to complete. Please try again later’.
I’ve deleted it and redownloaded it, rebooted my phone, given it all the permissions I can find to give it. Music is playing fine from my SD card.
Please help!

Did you format it as internal? If yes, that’s a known issue:

A workaround being formatting the card as external storage.

Otherwise, what do you have in your files under Internal storageWhatsAppMedia? It’s there the whatsapp media should be stored.

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