WhatsApp with dual sim - 2 numbers

I would like to have my work cell number and my personal number both on WhatsApp.
There are some apps available, but I would like to know some experiences from you guys how you deal with this.

WhatsApp only supports one account at a time, even on dual-SIM devices. Using device accounts/users is the only native way of achieve what you want, but this has some cons.

My two cents.

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Hi Gert,
I use WhatsApp for one number and DISA for the other. Works smoothlessly! Before using DISA you have to create the WhatsApp account in WhatsApp.

DISA is not available anymore due to legal issues.
Thnx for the suggestions, but I will use an app to work with webwhatsapp, and have my old phone as base for WhatsApp for that number.

Thnx again.

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