WhatsApp voice messages sent are blank

Hi! I am having the same issue: blank whatsapp audios, also the google assistant not reacting / listening to my voice, and sometimes I am not heard when answering a call. I always have to reboot the phone.
I have an SD set as external and the latest system update.

Are there any news / solution? Thanks!

Any news on this? I have a FP3 user in my area that got in touch with me asking for help on this problem. I’d like to tell her something more than “I don’t know”.



I don’t have any more information to add except to say that this is a deal breaker for me too. If I can’t get the microphone working reliably soon I’m afraid that I need a different phone.

I dearly want FP to fix this but I’m already shopping for a replacement and, unfortunately, it won’t have any of the ethical or sustainable credentials of FP :pensive:.

Maybe not up there with the fair trade ethics but you could worse than look at

Can send voice messages via WhatsApp with no problem.

No microphone problems at all.

I don’t use google and having it removed may make a huge difference in my case.

Today I talked over the phone for the first time in weeks and afterwards WhatsApp audio messages stopped working again. So, I’m quite confident there’s some kind of connection there in case of my phone. Of course after rebooting everything went back to normal (apart from missing shortcuts, it’s somehow related issue)

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There are two issue that regularly are mentioned as disturbing setups

a) An SD card formatted as Internal
b) The Digital Wellbeing app being enabled

I have neither of the above and no such problems on my 2 year olf FP3+

UPDATE: Just seen your other post where you indicate you have disabled Digital Wellbeing

SD card ???

Thanks for the reply and suggestion! I just checked to be sure, but I don’t have any SD card inside my FP3+

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Thanks. I’ll keep a note of whether this affects the issue. This is, by far, the most promising lead we have yet!

Agree! Stops working after a phone call.

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Hello everyone,
I have a fairphone 3 with ANDROID 11.
I have this problem after a call using WhatsApp : the microphone doesn’t work after on all the apps, and I have to restart every time my phone. The microphone works after restart well.
I read all the advices above but :
I checked and google doesn’t have access to my mic (blocked), and i don’t have a sd card.
Thank you for your help

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Thank you very much Alex for your answer.
It was indeed formatted as external storage, and not by the phone.
I still have the same issues, no sound on videos and no sound on WhatsApp vocals. It only works when I restart the phone, for a few hours, and then again… At the moment I have no SD card inside.
If anyone knows what to do, it would be very much appreciated !

You could try the latest OS update ending A.,0019.1?

Yes. 8901.4.A.0019.1

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Hi, a bit late to the party, but commenting just in case this helps anyone else:

I disabled my Google Assitant’s ‘Hey Google’ feature, and now my WhatsApp’s voice messages aren’t recorded as mute randomly anymore.

Hope it helps :crossed_fingers: