Whatsapp Voice Messages are being sent randomly

Hi there,
I got my Fairphone 2 a week ago and I love it except for the fact that it doesn`t work the way it should concerning the Whatsapp Voice Messages. Usually you put your finger on the microphone symbol at the bottom on the right, say what you want to say and release the botton after speakting to send your message. The thing is (and a friend of mine who also has a Fairphone 2 has the same issues) that the messages are randomly sent off even though the finger is still on the symbol. In other words: I keep my finger on the botton speak and suddenly the phone vibrates (as it usually dies when you intentionally send a message) and the message was sent off with your finger still on the symbol.
I googled it and found out that some Iphones seem to have the same problems and the solution is often the remove the screen protector which I did but the problem stayed.
I’m not sure I chose the right category but if you have the same issue or maybe even solved it I’d be really happy as I use this function many times a day.
Thanks a lot and have a nice day :slightly_smiling:


Have you tried this ?

Maybe its related…

Hi :slight_smile: Thanks for your answer but I don’t think it’s related as there is only a post about picture problems in Whatsapp.
Actually I think it’s a problem of the touchscreen as there are happening funny things on the screen the moment the message is sent off (for example the chat scrolls up as if I had moved my finger)… :-/

Have you already tried this workaround:
Set Touch & hold delay (settings -> accessibility) from short to medium