Whatsapp Updates on FP 2 Open OS

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Hello community,

as far as I understand, when I download Whatsapp APK directly from their own website it will not have an auto update function.
I will have to do that manually, correct?



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That seems to be necessary now, yes. I installed WhatsApp that way myself (on an Android emulation), and for a long while WhatsApp itself would trigger updates within the app, but this mechanism seems to be gone. I just checked today and found the latest version on the website again (I did so via a computer). I downloaded it, transferred it to the Android emulation and installed it there by simply tapping on the .apk. History was kept intact. :slight_smile:

You are correct, you’ll have to download new versions of the APK from WhatsApp’s website.

You can also download non-FOSS apps like WA through a FOSS app called Aurora Store - a frontend to download and update Google Play Store apps without installing the Play Store app and accompanying garbage. It logs in with a dummy account, though you can also log in with your own Google account if you have one.

The same devs make Aurora Droid, which is an alternative to F-Droid with a different interface and more built-in repos.

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Thanks for your replies @urs_lesse Urs and @rmf :grinning:

@rmf why are you suggesting the Aurora store?
What about the Yalp Store?

Yalp never really worked for me; it tended to have issues with logging in and the search function barely ever worked. Your results may vary, of course.

I use Aurora store as my Play Store client and Aurora Droid as my F-Droid client, and the fact that the two apps have the same interface is also helpful.