Whatsapp/telegram: (audio) messages

Hi all!

Is anyone suffering from these problems as well?

  • In WhatsApp and Telegram, when I want to listen to audio messages, even before I can set the FP2 to my ear, it switches off the screen and only uses the ‘soft’ speaker (as if it thinks I’m holding it to my ear). After the message has played, I have to double-click the power button in order to reawaken the phone. It’s as if it thinks it’s still on, though the screen is switched off.
  • In WhatsApp: recording audio messages is frustrating because often, the FP2 seems to think I release my finger from the record button, and it sends the message. Once it starts this process of bad touch recognition, it’s really hard for me to actually record ANY message, because it won’t even recognise my finger pushing the record button for long enough a time period in order to have my phone believe I’m recording at all. The screen sensitivity is a general problem, though: sometimes the phone goes crazy when I’m scrolling through an article in my browser. The same happens sometimes when I’m typing. It might also explain why my phone starts doing things while I’m listening to messages or taking calls.
  • Sometimes the phone just goes to sleep, and I have to do a hard reset (press the power button for some time and reboot the phone).
  • In Telegram: occasionally it does not receive messages ‘instantly’ (when they’re sent), even though I actively check them and despite a secure and stable internet connection.
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I got the 100% same problems here as well. Anybody got a fix?
since today some of my audio messages are really noisy (sitting at home but it sounds like there is a hurricane around me. really windy!). Why??

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