Whatsapp restored group chats out-of-chronological-order

I recently got my second Fairphone 2 (I know, it was supposed to last forever, but the first one sank to the bottom of the Mediterranean :frowning: ) Fortunately I had most of my data backed up, so was able to restore it. But when I restored my WhatsApp data, the group chats (i.e. anything with more than one other person) were all jumbled up.

Does anyone know how I can get these in chronological order? I have done some searching and it seems like it might be something to do with the way the Fairphone is interpreting the backed-up file…

If you restored your WhatsApp data through WhatsApp (i.e. with their automatic backup), then it has nothing to be with the device, but with the WhatsApp app. How did you restored it?

You’re right - actually I’ve realised it’s the same problem everyone has with Whatsapp - new messages appearing out of order. Since I was without a phone for 1 month, all the discussion that happened in that time arrived in the wrong order. I guess this is just a problem with WhatsApp…

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Yep, it’s 2016 and the most used IM app still delivers messages unsorted. That should incite us to think about the network effect and our app selection process.

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