Whatsapp data transfer from iOs (iphone 6s) to FP3

Hello, I am trying to transfer my whatsapp data stored on my old iphone (6s) to my new FP3! I have tried (several times) exporting my chats individually, uploading them to google drive, then downloading them to FP and restoring data through the newly installed whatsapp app on FP, but it hasn’t worked. Has anyone found a solution for this?

the whatsapp website says it is only possible to transfer iOs to a samsung. but I thought I’d try my luck here.
thank you so much :slight_smile:

I did not read it, but hope it will help

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Apparently a Samsung App is needed in the process for Samsung phones, but this XDA article is optimistic WhatsApp will roll out this relatively new “Move chats to Android” feature in general …

… But the target phone needs to be pristine or factory reset, or the process won’t work? You can’t make this stuff up :slight_smile: .

Most people use third party apps for this, but maybe there are more ways as par example local backups or Google drive

hey @Erik2 the reviews online for these apps are smt like: doesnt always work. lol
and they are like 50€…
i tried w google drive without luck, which is why i was trying the forum :slight_smile:

thank you @yvmuell it didn’t work for me following this process, which is why i was hoping someone on the forum might have found a solution :slight_smile:

yes, i understand. I tried to advice you to look for a third party app so that could help you. To stay free you can try https://github.com/residentsummer/watoi/. Good luck

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@Erik2 thank you :slight_smile:
the link is from android to iOs, do you know if one exist from iOs to Android?
thank you so much

Whatsapp has offical method from IOS to.samsung. so you can try if you have friends or something.with a samsung to transfer from.ios to samsung and then from samsung to fp. Otherwise you will need modded third party apps to stay free. Sorry, dont know normal.free ways

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thank you that’s super helpful!

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If you use an app like Telegram (Whatsapp equivalent) you can find your conversations will migrate when your contact does the same?

You will be easily able to migrate telegram chats



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