WhatsApp cannot download pictures and audios

I installed an SD card as Internal Storage. The phone recognizes the card, but apps don’t seem to be communicating with it. When I start the phone, I get a message “SD card missing” but after a while, I can see the SD card when I go to storage.

WhatsApp cannot access my photos or audios. I can’t listen to audios or see received images/videos in WhatsApp: “Download failed. The download was unable to complete”.

I can see the same pictures and audios on WhatsApp Desktop. When I access the SD card itself, the folder WhatsApp Images seems to be empty.

Other apps, such as Telegram, do not have any issues with their pictures, and I can see the media when I access the SD card directly.

Formatting the SD solves the problem, but after a while it comes up again.

I am using the phone for 4 weeks now and it is running on Android 10.

Any hints will be greatly appreciated.

If your SD is still empty and you won’t loose any data try reformmating as an external card if you haven’t already doneso

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This is known to cause issues (forum topic here for example).
Please #contactsupport with as subject “A10 - SD card phone storage issue”. They can’t reproduce the issue with the internal storage formatted card, so the more data they will have, the sooner it’ll get solved.
Before FP solve the issue, you should indeed format it as external storage for the card the card to work correctly. In any case, even if it worked, I advise against formatting as internal storage. If either the phone or the card break, you lose all the data and the other device is broken (and a faulty SD card is quite common). See the #sdcardguide for more details about SD-cards.


Hi Alex21 and amoun,

thanks for your help, it seems to be working now.

I provided Support with informations on my SD card and device, I hope it helps.


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