Whatsapp Call over Wifi with /e/ and Fairphone OS


I was wondering if anyone else is also having problems when using Whatsapp calls over wifi? In my case the reception is really poor and the connection reconnects every few seconds. If I turn the wifi connection off and switch to the data connection it works flawless. Does anyone know if this is this a general problem of the Fairphone 3? I am running the FP3 with /e/


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The reason I am asking is, is it worth trying to flash back to stock android?

Did you do a search on this forum?

Thanks for the link. I tried searching the forum but couldn’t find anything related. The only issue I am aware of are wifi drops when using 5GHz networks. I am not sure if this is still a problem?

I also have this problem and haven’t been able to fix it. It occurs on all wifi connections, not just my home connection. I’ve tried switching between 5 and 2.4 GHz but no improvement. Video calls drop out periodically on wifi, but not on mobile data. It’s very frustrating.

Switching between 5 and 2.4G can help but the problem with 5GHz is that is has ashorter range than 2.4GHz

The problem with 2.4Ghz is that it uses the same frequency bans as 4G Network and bluetooth.

So try 2.4Ghz with network and bluetooth off. My solution is to engage Aeroplane mode then turn wifi back on