What will your next smartphone be? [poll]

Fairphone is at 17%!!! :smiley: Was that you, deleting cookies? :wink:

Edit: Next task: Take :green_apple: and make place :one: :trophy:! :smiley:
Edit2: Sorry, I just saw, that it’s 18% already! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Edit3: It’s 21% now… There’s something fishy here! :fish: :smirk:


Oooops, did I catch myself deleting all cookies from watson.ch? :smiley:

Though, I have to say, I have never heard about that side or news channel before, and I don’t know how larger their user base is, but for me it seems rather futile to boost something on their website.

Anyhow, it is fun to see FP rising there. I think I will have a discussion with my cookie settings again :wink:
21% now.


Cookies, that’s a jolly good idea :smiling_imp:

And we have 22% now !

Up to 23%, and Apple is down to 29%.

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This poll is super fair, and truly represent the worlwide opignion ! who dares to say it’s not ??? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
(my phone voted, my pc voted 2 times, my tablet voted, my roomate pc voted (but not him) and my roomate phone voted :grin:)


And we are up to 24%.


Be careful now that this won’t backfire. A company called FairPhone is a really easy target when someone finds their userbase has been unfairly rigging polls.

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Yeah but it’s fun ! And after all there’s no bad advertisement. I believe the biggest problem about the phone (apart from its price) is that few people know about it except SF Hipsters and a bunch of geeks

Don’t forget the tree huggers and hippies!

Btw, FP found more politically correct terms for their 5 personas. :wink:


FairPhone is at 25% now and Apple at 28% :slight_smile:

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FairPhone: 28%, Apple: 27%


HTH :slight_smile:

But I won’t answer the poll, since:
a) I intend to keep my FP 1 for at least two-three years (unless it breaks).
b) FP2 is too big and a bit too expensive. I don’t mind paying a little extra for fairness, but I’m less interested in top of the range specs that I don’t really need,
c) recent posting on the forum makes me a bit worried when it comes to FP’s quality control, one gets the impression that FP has been in a hurry getting the FP2 out to customers without checking functionality.

If I forget everything about fairness and sustainability I must confess that I’m tempted by the YotaPhone… although the YP2 is as big and as expensive as the FP2.

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But you don’t say that the FP1 will be the last smartphone of your life! The poll doesn’t ask you, which will be your next smartphone (it doesn’t give “Fairphone 2” as an option), bit asks, what manufacturer will you buy your next phone from. Now one could say two things:

  • When my FP1 dies, I’ll get a FP3 or FP4 or FP5 (manufacturer = Fairphone)
  • When I need to replace the main board of my FP1, it’s basically a new smartphone (manufacturer = Fairphone)

Both interpretations let you vote in that poll! :smiley:

And thank you for the :at: flag! :slight_smile:

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28% now :slight_smile:


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FairPhone: 28%, Apple: 26%


Fairphone 29% Apple 27% seems to be the end score

I guess by now most have lost interest :slightly_smiling: