What to do with my FP2 if I upgrade to a FP3?

If I decide to upgrade from my FP2 to a FP3 what will I do with my FP2? what would be the earth thing to do?

Or could I support the ideas and obsessions of the FP team in an other way?

What are your reasons for the potential switch?

If you do decide to upgrade, you can get cash back from FP if you send them your FP2 for reuse/recycling. You can also hold on to it as a backup, give it to someone who wants to use it, or donate it to any Fairphone Angels near you so they can use it to repair other FP2s.

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Main reason: no nfc and no finger print on the FP2. Fingerprint is required by my bank for authentication. NFC is just a very nice to have

Or if it’s in a good condition you can try to sell it in the market place of course!

@theking2 Ultimately the decision of buying a new phone (or not) is yours. It will have an impact on the environment, and you have some control on how large that impact is. Living a zero-consumption life is impossible, but you can take into account the environment in the trade-off on what to consume. Do you feel like you’ve lived your FP2 to the fullest? Do you feel like the features you list, or other advantages, outweigh the cost of a new FP3 (in materials, but also in money)?
Good luck on reaching your decision :slight_smile:


thanks all. A real save would be able to reuse camera, microphone, screen, battery and other parts.

The FP2 is just so unreliable. Switching on might or might not find the two sim cards. Incoming calls migh or might not be displayed and get disconnected when I press the power button. Battery life is sketchy. Response can be slow to really slow.

Cashback is not a very sustainably solution. I’d like to replace the main board but keep camera, microphone, battery, and screen modules to get a workable solution

Then watch the #market category for second hand core modules or reasonably priced Fairphone 2s … or you can currently get yourself a core module here …

According to this blog post about how sustainable the FP2 is, the core module is the part that has the highest environmental impact. So if the core module of my FP2 was broken, I would buy a new FP3 and sell or give away the parts that still work. But as long as the core module works fine, I would replace the other parts if necessary.



just in case you are still interested in doing something with your FP2. I think there is room to sell the spare parts or even the whole phone within the community. Let me know if you’re interested as I might be a potential buyer of the core module O:)



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