What source for google apps when using the FP open source OS?

Hello FP friends
I’m replacing my FP operating system with the open source OS (hopefully!)
Where should I get the standard apps from in future if not google play?

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F-Droid for FOSS apps (free and open source – only a limited choice of apps).

Aurora for everything else. You can actually install the Aurora Store from F-Droid.


By the way, there are more recent and up-to-date (in terms of security) custom ROMs than Fairphone Open OS available for the FP2 – for example /e/OS and LineageOS. The latter two are currently discontinuing security updates for the FP2 as well, but their most recent versions are still around a year more recent (Android 11) than Fairphone Open OS (Android 10).

/e/OS comes with its own built-in “App Lounge” that basically offers you at least the same what Aurora offers.


I still provide monthly security updates to the FP2 series.
My May 2024 security update is available already too: News - DivestOS Mobile
Information on which patches are included are here: Patch Counts - DivestOS Mobile
And when each OS shipped them is here: Patch History - DivestOS Mobile

And FP2 additionally receives 250+ kernel security patches that no other OS is offering: divestos-build/Scripts/LineageOS-18.1/CVE_Patchers/android_kernel_fairphone_msm8974.sh at master - divested-mobile/divestos-build - Codeberg.org

I maintain a list of recommended FOSS apps here: Recommended Apps - DivestOS Mobile