What SIM card to use?

Hi FairPhone Users,

I’m currently not yet a FairPhone user, but are seriously considering buying one!

But, I was wondering whether there are SIM cards one can better not use in a FairPhone 2?


Hi I am not sure to understand what you mean.
In terms of size, it is microSIM and not SIM nor nanoSIM.

And normally any micorSIM should work fine :slight_smile:

There are some SIM cards (German ones so far, it seems) that don’t go well with the FP2 (nor one of the One Plus phones). See here and other posts in that topic. Other than that, microSIM works best (for smaller sizes you’ll need an adapter, which increases the risk of damaging the pins in the phone).

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In fact I mean the brand!

The affected companies are:

  • Telekom Germany and their subsidiaries
  • T-Mobile Austria

Thanks for your details! I’ll try to avoid those!

just recieved a FP2 and discovered my giffgaff sim doesn’t fit - whst to do???

Look that you have the cut-off corner of your SIM card at the top left when you insert the SIM card.

Is it too big (Mini SIM)? Then a) look if you can break out a smaller part (see picture), b) order a new SIM card at your provider, c) cut it smaller at your own risk (use a printed-out template).

Is it too small (Nano SIM)? Then a) use an adapter, b) order a new SIM card at your provider.

If you have a normal-sized SIM card, you can cut it to the right size (be careful!). If you have a nano-sim, you have to buy an adapter to micro-sim.

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Here you see 3 of the 4 sizes Sim.
From left to right; mini sim, micro sim and nano sim.
The fourth size is sim, that has the size of a credit card.

The Fairphone 2 is compatible with a Micro SIM card (ID-000 format), sized: 15mm x 12mm x 0.76mm. (the second simcard in the picture). If you have a nano SIM card, you can use a SIM adaptor (available in any electronics store or your calling plan provider).


If there are problems with T-Mobile Austria SIM Cards in Fairphone 2, they can be changed in T-Mobile Austria Shops for free.


Really? How does that work? I’ve had to get my SIM replaced twice now and they’ve charged me €10 both times.

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Hi @Alisa_Alspach,

did this happen in a T-Mobile Austria store in Austria? Did you tell them that this problem is a known issue?

Kind regards

Hi @werner_noebauer,
Yes, in Vienna. Unfortunately, I didn’t know it was a known problem until I started researching it today. But the first time I went (early April) I mentioned that I had a Fairphone. However, after reading these forum posts I guess it will happen again. What should I tell them when I go again in order to get a free replacement SIM?


for T-Mobile Austria customers, please send us a message via our Social Media channels:


We will take care of this issue.



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