What should be the default forum start page?

Does it make more sense to have The Categories Page as the default forum page or keep on using the Latest Posts Page as the default?

I think the categories gives a better overview of the different topics, especially for newcomers. But maybe it is just me who is more used to old BB style fora where the structure is more defined by categories, then by time. I am very curious, as I have a strong preference myself, what other community members think.

Let me know what you think here:

What should be the home page for the forum?

  • The Categories page
  • The Latest post page (as it is now)
  • Other… see comment below

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I also think the categories view would be good for newcomers. (Then hopefully they would finally post FP2 help topics in #fairphone2help and not - like now - anywhere else)

Also I think for regulars it doesn’t matter that much as most probably come to the forum through a browser bookmark anyway and that can be set to whatever view they prefer.

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What about, a search page in Faiphone design.
So may be with photos like bing does.


I found on an interesting discussion on this at meta.discourse.org

According to the poll results so far we should make the default homepage view random. :wink:


‘categories’ is much better for somebody coming here looking for help or trying to find whether this or that topic was already discussed. ‘newest post first’ is probably more for the regular visitors.
why not make it categories by default but have a (large, visible ;)) button to switch to ‘newest first’ view?


yeah, that might be a good way.

Or tell people they can use the /newest url as their bookmark if they come here often.


I was wondering how to tidy up the forum a little bit. Great idea to run a poll!!
Maybe when we come to AMS in summer we can also discuss the communication of FP to their customers and also talk about forum improvements.?

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That ís a good idea!
Would love to do a little workshop with the people attending. We can choose a topic together of something in the Fairphone universe and make it (a lot) better together. [/off-topic]

I think it be best to have the category page as the front page one day. Most regulars will have a bookmark anyway, and they can use the /newest url if they prefer.