What kernel are the Android 9 and Android 10 updates on the Fairphone 2 using?

The Fairphone 2 used to be stuck on the Android kernel 3.4.0 for its Android 5.1 - 7.1 updates. What kernel are the Android 9 and Android 10 (Fairphone OS 22.02.0) updates using?

You can find this info with this command in a terminal: uname -a

Thanks in advance.

On Android 10 it is 3.4.113.


And just to add this info can be found in the settings-about the phone…

Edit: Kernel update is from last year

From beta Programm

For the upcoming Android 9 maintenance releases we are looking to update the kernel, from version 3.4.0 to version 3.4.113. Before doing so we want to subject the updated kernel to extended testing, in order to obtain sufficient data on stability, performance and reliability. Therefore we’ve updated the last official release (21.05.0-rel.1) to include the updated kernel.
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On Android 11 (Lineage OS 18.1) it’s 3.4.113 as well.