What is the quality of the main camera of the Fairphone 4 now?

Hello Fairphone users!

In some of the reviews on the internet (see below) it’s said that the quality of the images taken with the main camera of the Fairphone 4 aren’t that great. Most reviews however are from the time the Fairphone 4 was launched (September 2021).

Are, in the mean time, the problems with the main camera of the Fairphone 4 solved? Are the pictures better now?

The reviews I’m talking about:

- Scott Trakker

Hi, welcome to the forum :tada:

The camera has indeed improved a lot. Better auto focus, white balance and dark mode. It’s still not an iPhone or Pixel of course. But it definitely got improved.



That’s great to hear! It will make the Fairphone 4 much more attractive to buy!

In the forum I also read about iodéOS, never heard about it before but seems interesting.


- Scott Trakker

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I can at least confirm the FP4 camera is way better than the FP3+ camera. I just made a comparsion last weekend with my FP3+ and the FP4 from my brother.
I don´t know about other phones but the quality of the FP4 cam would be good enough for me (the FP3+ camera could be better).

FP support has said that the FP3 will also receive camera improvements :tada:


I use gcam wichaya on /e/ rom and the pictures are great. Can’t use the wide lens thou.

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