What is the best way to copy data and apps from old android device

don’t tell me to do so with google, drive, or app one. all of them does not work because my old device wohn’t copy it’s data in the cloud. my old device, a lg 5, has a backup programm to copy from other devices to the lg 5. that work great. i think there is no such app to the fairphone?
so is there any good app, i can also buy it, on the android play store? the main event is the contact list but also i need some other apps and it’s data.

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Die you consider to use MyPhoneExplorer?


Nice i’ll give IT a try

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Contact lists are an easy exception. Just export the list from any old phone to a (contacts.vcf) file. Then transfer that file, maybe via SD card and import to new phone.

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Did this work?

Was it possible to transfer any datas from the old smartphone?

My issue is, i want to have an app with which i can transmit any app data etc. on my fairphone 4. For example Samsung is using the smart switch app. And any data like save games of apps and so on are copied after this process. There is no work to do manually.

Is there a way to do like this?

I made a lot of research. But until now i found no way.
The last approach was to use the app “Helium” but i dont found the app version in the play store.

Thanks for an Feedback.

This looks great, I am giving it a try.

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OK. I am looking for a solution on this topic. currently I have no way that really works according to my imagination.

So if anyone solved this problem in a simple way. Please be so polite and write a feedback / small description of how the problem was solved.
I think it’s an important topic for many current and potential Fairphone users.

  • If you trust Google, the easiest way is still to enable Cloud Backup and just log into the account on the new device
  • If your old and new devices are rooted, you can use something like Neo-Backup
  • If you are moving from one Lineage based ROM to another (e.g. LOS → /e/), you can use the built-in SeedVault backup
  • Normal data (pictures, music, etc.) can be copied over USB, Bluetooth, KDE Connect, syncthing, …

There will still be apps that won’t get transferred this way, the Google option for example respects if apps don’t permit backups. Every method has it’s drawbacks is what I’m saying.

When I have to set up a completely new device, I generally use the internal backup function in apps that have one and set everything else up from scratch. I have seen so many weird issues when trying to bring old configs to a new devices that I just don’t bother anymore.

Once the device is configured, something like SeedVault / Neo-Backup is great for the automatic backups you should always have.


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