What is the best offline password manager for /e/?

Hello everybody,

I’m looking for an offline password-manager app. Important functions for me are categorys and a part for free text.

The most what i found are online-manager, they use a cloud. But i am looking for an offline system.

Thank you in advance.


Maybe this one? Foss.
AuthPass - KeePass compatible Password Manager (Keep your passwords safe across all platforms and devices.)


Oh, thats very fine - thank you. :pray:

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I have used KeePassDX on my FP3 (default operating system, not /e/) and I am very happy with it. It meets the requirements of having categories and being able to add text notes to the different entries.

Also on F-Droid:


i will check it. Thank you! :pray:

Wow, i have take a look of both products…

KeePassDX is so nice and i think better for me than AuthPass.

Thank you very much.


Do you know how this compares to Keepass2Android?

I quite like Keepass2Android and donate irregularly, but KeePassDX looks pretty slick.

No, sorry. I tried KeePassDX a few years ago and it solved my needs, so I stuck with it.

I found a Reddit post where they talk about what you’re asking: https://www.reddit.com/r/androidapps/comments/k825yg/keepass_dx_worth_switching_to_from_keepass2android/

I have been using 1password for years and I’m very happy to find that it works on my fair phone 4

It’s made by a Canadian company and is subscription based

Very inexpensive insurance!

For me (especially when it is about security / personal critical data etc.) Open Source is a must have.
Even I in person cannot double check the code it still provides transparency and so trust.

Due to that I would go for KeepassDX (and I actually use it) instead of 1password. But everybody can decide on his/her own.


AVOID LastPass like the plague!
They got breached on more than one occasion. Because of that I switched to BitWarden and it took 50 hours for me to change the passwords and credentials on every site I had stored.

I need access across multiple devices so that’s why I personally have a cloud connected app.

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