What is the best camera app for FP3?


I am currently wondering if there is a best camera app to take photos. For now I have got a FP3 and a FP3+ (my wife).

What about the following apps?

  • FP3 default camera app
  • LineageOS FP3 default app
  • Open Camera


Subsidiary question: is it possible to install the Fairphone cam app onto LineageOS?

Thanks by advance.

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If you are willing to try an app that is neither open source nor available through an app store, I would strongly recommend to try the unofficial port of Google’s camera app for their Pixel phones. You can see some photos taken with FP3s or FP3+s using this app here:

In my opinion, the difference the app makes is so much bigger than the difference between the FP3 and the FP3+ camera hardware.


Thank you for your answer @urs_lesse.

I have been having a try with that app, and this is good! I may use this one.

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Pay attention to selfie photos when you use this app – on my FP3+, this app only uses a fraction (4 MP) of the selfie camera+ resolution (16 MP). So for selfies, you might still prefer another app.
But for the main camera (rear camera), the photos are really better than with the default camera app. :slight_smile:

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