What is Teamwin Recovery Project?

I tried to install Lil’Debi, it installed Supersu (or whatever it is called) on fairphone-open but both failed to work. Both failed to complete installation - but this is another issue.

What I want to do is a factory reset. I did follow this guide:

But instead of “Android System Recovery” the phone boots into “Teamwin Recovery Project”. Is this the same?

I did a reset with the Teamwin Recovery Tools and it seems to work on system level. However, I would like to restore the “Android System Recovery”, too. How can this be accomplished?

No it is not the default Android recovery. It is a custom recovery but it comes along and is part of the Open OS. Fortunately, since it is way more advanced than the default recovery (which comes with the FPOS). Particularly the possibility for making decent system backups is widely appreciated (though with the current TWRP version cannot handle encrypted /data partitions).

With the FPOS you need to flash it yourself if you want to have TWRP.

If, on the other hand, you want to have the default recovery for the Open OS (But why on earth would anyone want to do that??) you could try to extract the recovery.img from the latest FPOS and flash it via fastboot on your system. Though I am not sure if it is compatible or if it will work, but I guess so.


Ok, I see. It is the default for fairpone open and the guide is referring to the other OS. So everything is fine. Thanks for the quick reply.

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