What is main camera “ID 3”?

I’m using /e/ OS on the FP4, where the camera app (OpenCamera) allows switching between the phone’s different cameras. For the main (rear) cameras, I was surprised to see that it apparently switches between three cameras: ID 0 (normal camera), ID 2 (wide-angle lens), and ID 3 (seems the same as ID 0). Is there any difference between ID 0 and ID 3 here? This is a bit annoying because I have to switch twice to skip over the useless duplicate entry.

On this page about GCam, I found the following information:

In most cases, ID 0 = main, ID 2 = wide (or secondary camera), ID 3 = telephoto, and so on.

So is it simply an artifact that a camera with ID 3 is exposed to the camera API here, or is there any actual difference? If not, is it possible to get rid of the duplicate entry somehow?

I am also very interested in this case. I created an issue here:

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