[What happens] if the 15,000 goal is not reached?

I have read in one forum that the production of the FP2 depends on reaching the goal of 15,000 pre orders.
I’m really interested in pre ordering one, but first i would like to make sure that, in case the pre order doesn’t reach 15,000, if I still get the phone or get my money back.
I’ve already asked the team, but they take their time to answer, do you guys know something about this?
Thank you!

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This is how i see it: The goal WILL bei reached. Maybe not till the end of September (which I think is still possible though). If it takes longer the phones’ production just starts later. :slight_smile:


Interesting question. I moved you question to this topic, as it better fits. I also add [What happens] to the title.

As this is a predorder, not a crowdfunding, in my point of view Fairphone is legally obliged to deliver the phone or refund your money.

I too am very positive you will get your Fairphone 2 if you preorder one. I just won’t bet it will arrive in November.


I had always assumed they were going to produce 15,000 FP2’s and you can pre-order them now and whatever portion isn’t pre-ordered will simply go into regular sale?


As soon as they answer me I’ll post it in this thread- in my experience they are quite slow though…

I’ve asked them the same question on 03.08. by email and send an reminder on 07.08., both mails were not answered till today. As I was not sure whether they respond to emails I also opened a support ticket with this question on 08.08. which is also still open and not answered till now. So don’t expect an answer within a short time :frowning:

As they do not respond to such important questions I’ve stopped the money transfer at my bank. I’m not willing to pay for a device 3 months in advance as long as I’m not sure that I’ll get the prepayed hardware in time or my money back.

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The “get the prepaid hardware in time” is never certain with FP. But I’m sure you can have your money back. Otherwise it would be against the law.

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[Don’t forget, that some FP workers are on holiday now and requests take longer to respond at this time… as Joe told us elswhere.]

Just my opinion: I am 100% sure, that you WILL get a FP2 OR your money back in any case!
What do you think would be the legal backgrond, that you will get neither a FP2 nor the money back?
That would be both illegal AND would not fit the practice FP followed until now!

  • Maybe this can help you, here are already Warranty & Returns for the FP2 available (warranty etc…)

  • And also the “Terms & Conditions of the FP2” (which you obviously already signed with your purchase) include this paragraph:

    “8. Agreement cancellation
    8.1 In case of purchasing the Product(s) online or by other means of
    telecommunication, you are entitled to cancel the purchase within
    fourteen (14) days from the day the Product was delivered to you, with
    no explanation and without incurring any penalties.
    8.2 Please make sure that you read the section “Your right to change
    your mind” in the Warranty Statement as well as our most up-to-date
    return processes.”

  • Ans just for the saek of completeness here is the original Blog post about the pre-order process (in which your questions are not answered exactly, that’s right)

Hope this helps to have more trust in FP…
Cheers, Robert


FP has been quite forthcoming with returning money to people back when it turned out the FP1 would have the “m” version of the chipset. I don’t think anyone has any reason to be afraid they won’t get their money back if so requested.

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Hi all,

I don’t want the weekend to pass us without a response, so here’s an answer in bullet points. Support team will be responding to your individual questions by email.

  • Any order you make can be cancelled online until the moment it is delivered

  • Once it is delivered and you receive it, you have 14 days to change your mind and still return the phone with a full refund. This is in the Terms and Conditions and informally called the “cooling off period”

  • While we are very confident we will reach the 15,000 goal before the end of September, I understand people wonder what happens if we don’t get to 15,000. Well, it is not that the Fairphone 2 will not be produced, or that buyers will not get their phones. If we do not reach our goal of 15,000 sold phones, it is that we will have to re-assess our investment and consider pursuing external funding. Up to this point, we have decided to stay as financially independent as possible using a crowdfunding model to operate and pre-finance the production of phones. That’s why it’s really a community-backed project.

Hope that answers all your questions. Have a nice weekend!