What happened to the second batch of the Worker Welfare Fund?

Fairphone reported on how the first part of the WWF has been spent to the workers at A’Hong, but as far as I know, there hasn’t been any information about the second batch, based of selling the FPU1s, has it? Does anybody know any details?


Very good question! I know not all Fairphone employees are active on this forum, i suggest you send an email do Fairphone directly, maybe even to the employee writing the last blog post on the Worker Welfare fund to show your interest in this topic.

I personally used the comment section below th articles to get in touch with the authors with good success.

You mean this blog post?

Hi all,

Thanks for reminding us to give you an update of the WWF activities at Guohong. As of April, all the funds (125.000 USD from the FP1 premium, and 175.000 USD from the FP1U premium) have been spent. The workers opted mainly for bonus payments, either on top of their salaries at the end of the month, or for special occasions like a national holiday. For the payments on top of their salaries, the worker representatives developed quite an elaborate scheme for funds distribution - e.g. the amount of money to be paid from the WWF in a month was determined based on workers’ average income in that month (less income - higher WWF bonus); the reps also made sure that workers who left the factory not long before the next distribution would still receive part of the bonus.

In addition to the bonuses part of the WWF funds also went to the different departments in the factory, who decided how to spend it. Some departments chose to have a dinner or an outing, others decided to purchase gift cards or buy household supplies with a group discount.

Right now the WWF has no more funds from the premiums, but is still functioning in terms of representing workers and as communication channel among workers and between workers and management. Workers approach the reps with all kinds of questions or concerns, and the reps try to help them out or raise issues to management if necessary.

There have also been regular training activities for the representatives (e.g. on communication skills, group decisions and compromise, how to consult with the rest of the workforce, etc.), and we are currently planning the next training in the factory.

I hope this is helpful. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!



Hi @Saskia,

thanks for you update!

Will Fairphone continue to support those worker representatives at Guahong financially it needed?
What is the position of Guahongs management about this?
Is there any insight about how they are thinking about this involvement, do you think they would keep that communications channel open even without the involvement of Fairphone?

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Hi ben,

We remain committed to the WWF and are open to provide additional support (financial or other) if the workers/worker reps or management express a concrete need for support. Fairphone stays directly involved through the Board of the WWF (consisting of a Fairphone rep, a Guohong management rep and a Guohong worker rep). The Board meets regularly to review the status of the WWF and together discuss any future activities and needs. We feel that Guohong management sees the value of the WWF and they’re supporting it administratively.