What does DS stand for in Fairphone DS

I wanted to return my Fairphone 2 through the FP reuse & recycle program. The online form ads ‘DS’ to all the names of the listed Fairphones e.g. ‘Fairphone 2 DS’.
Is this some special version of Fairphone? And how do I check my FP is a Fairphone DS and not some other version?

dual SIM?


Thank you for reminding me of this program. Since nobody wants to buy my legendary FP2, I at least could get some money back from there.

Probably means Direct Sales (a.k.a purchased on fairphone.com. IDS would be InDirect Sales (a.k.a purchased from a reseller or a network operator)


I contacted Fairphone. DS stands for Dual Sims. So all Fairphone 1, 2 and 3 can be recycled.


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