What Do You Use for Your Camera?

Hey guys!

I wanted to ask people here what they use for their camera apps on their Fairphone or Fairphone 3+. Since I like customizing things anyways I’ve done some experimenting myself. I know that there’s been talk of revamping the stock software on the default camera app, but for now there are a couple of features I’d like to see in the camera app that I have on my phone.

I’ve personally tried OpenCamera, but I found out-of-the box images far too noisy, as well as the app to be a bit clunky.
Also tried the GCam port, 7.3 and 8.1. Both versions I tried seemed interesting but also did not seem to have some nice features (such as controlling where files were saved) and also were quite buggy.

What camera apps do you have and why?

Hi have tried Open Camera, downloaded GCam and can’t be bothered as there’s seems little difference and more hastle, anyway in the event of a software issue I don’t want to keep wondering what app I’ve installed that may have caused the problem. Oh! and I’m not a photographer ~ my phone is a phone with a few perks. :slight_smile:

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Gcam personally for me did have better image quality when zooming in, especially on low light images. I also liked the ability to have a long shutter speed. But it did seem a tad unstable… I’m trying out the 7.4 port that they said was stable. However I would prefer a non Google camera and the ability to save to SD card.

Agree though! For most purposes the stock app does just fine

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I use F1 Mod v9.6 “Based on Google Camera”.

It takes good pictures on my FP3. :smiley:

If you would happen to know, would you please mind clarifying what exactly this mod is? I’ve found some links online, which vary from medium spammy, to spam central, which talk about the mod version you describe. This one seems to be the most reliable one I’ve found, but it is a different version. They don’t seem to provide too much detail about what the thing is. Is this simply a camera mod, or does it change other elements of the phone too? What’s different from the F1 mod and the Nikita mod?

Thanks and thanks for sharing!

Edit: I have since found the port on the site by Celso Azevedo.

Somewhat relevant to the discussion:


I have found that since the last time I have used it, the UI of Open Camera has improved to be less intrusive and a bit more stable. However, I find more noise in my images than when I compare to the stock camera app.

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