What do you think of "Replicant" and "Copperhead OS"

Could they run on Fairphone 2 and what’s your overall opinion?

I don’t know much about them, but Replicant for me is just LineageOS in completely ridiculous, it’s not maintained properly and only runs on 5+ year old phones, I don’t really see a point in it

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Last I checked, Copperhead OS imploded. From Wikipedia:

On June 11th, 2018, Daniel Micay, the main developer of CopperheadOS, then-Chief Technology Officer and 50% stakeholder in a company, announced publicly that he had been cut off from the company in an e-mail sent to him by James Donaldson[7][8] with an order to turn over access to the subreddit and Micay’s Twitter account. Mr. Donaldson, representing the company, let Micay know that Micay would receive pay if he signed an employment agreement. On his Twitter, Micay wrote that Mr. Donaldson was attempting to seize Micay’s personal GPG key which was also used to secure key parts of the Copperhead Project.[9][10] Micay reportedly deleted those signing keys which were required to release updates to CopperheadOS.[11]

There might be a successor.

Thanks for your thoughts. In a recent radio broadcast some kind of “expert” propagandized for both as secure Android alternatives in the make. I have never heard of either so I was curious if there was something serious going on behind the scenes which maybe I have missed, but now I know I haven’t up to now.

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