What do you like most about your Fairphone?

I definitely love having no guilt when using the phone. I also love the Fairphone open os. I needed a new case and a new battey and it was super simple to buy and replace them. No hassles whatsoever. The camera is great and I’ve used it more than I thought I would. The apps I use run well. My Fairphone is one of my most treasured objects. I love showing it off.

What about you?


I like that I can easily add much more storage space to my FP1U than even the most expensive iPhone X has. I like that my FP1U has a bigger battery than an iPhone 8. And even if I had to replace it by an FP2, the whole device would still be more affordable than any iPhone X repair other than the screen.


Open OS independent of GAFAs, modularity, great community forum, and the whole set of values that it comes with. What else? :slight_smile:


Everything. :fairy: :phone:


I like most (although still being on Lollipop) that it simply works flawless in any way. Take it, use it.
Definitely a very good experience with my first ever smartphone.

Furthermore this great, open, helpfull and friendly community behind.


For me it is being fair.


After one month I can tell you that I’m extremely happy with my second-hand FP2. The final outcome was better than I could ever expect. I use the FP Open OS rooted with microG, Xposed, OpenBmapNlpBackend and Déjà Vu. I run all apps that I need or want and have no connection whatsoever to Google or Apple services. Root gives me enormous flexibility of customization. My location services are 100% local (memory database). Priority is always given to FLOSS apps, and I donate to one app creator every month according to how useful they’ve been to me. After some hiccups due to rogue apps I have a perfectly stable phone. The phone is robust and user experience is perfectly smooth. It has amazing battery life because I was able to freeze all battery hogs that I can’t discard and minimize home phoning using microG for apps that need to be always on such as Telegram. It’s not the fastest phone ever but it’s a very competent phone, I don’t need more than what it offers me. The old camera is its weakest point but it serves me well most of the time, and one day I’ll get a new camera cheap in the second-hand market. The speaker isn’t stereo but to my surprise it’s much louder than any smartphone speaker I’ve had before and quality of sound is better than I expected it would be. The amount of memory available with an added SDXC 32GB card is extraordinarily large. I was able to put in place a functional backup system that allows me for the first time to recover all my setup in hours if needed. I would never dream of anything even close in terms of data security and privacy with previous Androids. And I have the best phone anyone can get under a sustainability perspective - even more than the norm, since I bought mine second hand. :slight_smile:


The fairness and modularity.
I also like the fact this phone is part of a “story”: it’s not the perfect product, but a big step. And Fairphone has always made clear they aim for much more than they already reached.


In the beginning I liked the Fairphone because it is fair as far as possible.
But this phone is like a friendship which becomes stronger the longer it lasts .

Now i like the Fairphone as well as it gives me a lot of fun and freedom:

  • Several options of OS
  • Life (nearly) without Google
  • Can use FOS to a great extent
  • Changing parts and modification like new camera ( in most cases not necessary to contact manufacturer)
  • Help from Forum members

Do you mean FPOS, FPOOS or F(L)OSS. So many similar abbreviations make small typos fatal.

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That it’s produced more ethically than other phones.


Thanks for your question. I really was not clear. What i mean is FLOSS:
Free/Libre and Open Source Software.
(FOSS means the same thing but is less clear)


I like the fact that the Fairphone is a tangible symbol of a shift in consumerism; or at least I hope it is. Now we can have a Fairtrade :phone: with our Fairtrade :banana:.


There are 3 things i like specifically about the fairphone:

  1. I like long lasting products. This rules out most smartphones which you seem to have to replace every few years. I used most of my phones 4-5 years.
  2. I like the openness of the software and the ability to install other software without dirty hacks. It allowed me to install the google and apple free SailfishOS. I like FLOSS too, and SailfishOS seems to get quite close.
  3. Dual SIM, nowadays more models seem to be available dual sim, but most aren’t.

Now that i have the fairphone i like the fairness and community too, but those weren’t the things that made me buy one.


what i like most about my fp, is that there is such an active group of people behind it/connected to it who try their best to make things better. even if it’s just small steps … i also like the modularity of the phone itself, although i think more parts should be replacable without having to replace bigger parts.


The transparent cover … When it doesn’t crack :’(


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