What do all our certifications mean?

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Ever since we got started, Fairphone has made it a point to make sure the products we sell and the company itself stick to the highest standards of sustainability as possible. It’s what we keep telling the world. But don’t just take our word for it; We have a stack of certifications to back up our claims.

We’re rated platinum on EcoVadis

EcoVadis is a global platform that provides sustainability ratings for companies, covering environmental, social, and ethical dimensions, and providing markers for businesses to improve their sustainability performance. You’ll be happy to know Fairphone has scored a platinum ranking for 2024, firmly positioning us as the market leader when it comes to sustainability in consumer electronics. Fairphone’s platinum status also puts us in the top 1% of the 114,000 companies EcoVadis audited over the last year. Achieving a Platinum rating implies that Fairphone excels in sustainable and ethical practices across its supply chain. It’s like a top-tier medal for being a sustainability superhero!

We’re a B-Corp

B Corps, or Benefit Corporations, meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability. B Lab is the nonprofit organization behind B Corp certification. It certifies and supports companies that meet rigorous social and environmental standards, promoting a global movement toward a more inclusive and sustainable economy. Fairphone’s B-Corp status means it’s committed to using business as a force for good.

We consistently post perfect scores on iFixit

iFixit is a collaborative repair community that provides a platform for users to share their knowledge about repairing electronic devices through guides and tools. iFixit scores indicate how easily a device can be repaired. Ever since the Fairphone 2, we have been scoring a perfect 10 out of 10 for our Fairphones, all the way up to the Fairphone 5. Which basically means Fairphone is easily the most repairable brand out there when it comes to smartphones. Better repairability means better device longevity and less electronic waste. No one champions the right to repair like us.

The French think we’re easy to repair as well

The French are very serious about the right to repair. That’s why the French Repairability Index exists. The government-backed initiative was introduced in the country to encourage manufacturers to design more repairable products, with every electronic device assigned a repairability index from 0 to 10. Fairphone’s impressive score of 9.3 highlights its ease of repair, promoting a circular economy and reducing the environmental impact of electronic waste.

We have an Eco Rating of 74

The Eco Rating initiative is often specific to individual companies or products, and the criteria may vary. It reflects an organization’s effort to provide transparency about the environmental impact of its products. In our case, the Eco Rating score evaluates the ecological impact of electronic devices, considering factors like resource use, energy consumption, and end-of-life scenarios. Fairphone’s rating of 74 underscores our commitment to reducing our environmental footprint.

These certifications and ratings collectively showcase our dedication to sustainability, ethical practices, and user empowerment. Each organization behind these certifications plays a crucial role in promoting and verifying sustainable business practices. So the next time someone asks you if Fairphone is really fair, tell them about these accolades. Help them make the fair choice.


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